Review: The Horned Scarab by Matthew Marchitto

The Horned Scarab by Matthew Marchitto Book Review blog header

Published: August 26th, 2016, self-published | Series: #1 of The Investigative Privateers | Length: 145 pages | Genre: Fantasy | Source: I received a copy from the author. | Possible Triggers: Violence

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Summary from Goodreads:

Ghorad-Gha, once magnificent city of clay and bronze, crumbles. Those prosperous few burden the shoulders of the downtrodden. In a city of forgotten glory, the lawless thrive.

A monk turns up dead, and Arn is determined to find out why. Along with his stone skinned companion, Rohqim, they’ll be dragged deep into Ghorad-Gha’s underbelly, where the Horned Scarab reigns.

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