April Wrap-Up/May TBR

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Happy Friday, y’all! I’m back with my THIRD POST OF THE WEEK. Seriously, can I get some kind of award for this? I can’t remember the last time I posted three times in one week. I’m so proud of myself, hahaha.

In honesty, I do want to thank you all for sticking around while I try and figure out how to fit reading and blogging into my life currently. I’m still figuring things out, but it seems that I’ve at least managed to get out of my slumps, so that’s gotta count for something, right? Let’s hope! Now, let’s get into my wrap-up of April and my May TBR.

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March Wrap-Up & April TBR

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Holy crap, I can’t be the only one who feels like March flew by… right? I swear it was just my birthday a few days ago and now it’s already April! With a new month starting, it’s time to reflect back on March and see what I accomplished (or didn’t, as the case may be…).

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February TBR

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January has come and gone which means it’s time to start looking ahead to February. As you’ll see when my January wrap-up goes up, it was a pretty horrible reading month for me. I didn’t finish a single book. *cries* I’m not happy about it. But rather than dwell on January’s lack of reading, I’m going to try and stay positive and think about the books I’m hoping to get to this month! Because of how little I read last month, I’m keeping this TBR pretty short.

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November TBR

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I really feel like I say this every single month, but I cannot believe that it’s November already! Personally, I love this time of year because it means the holidays are right around the corner. I love Christmas and really enjoy the weeks leading up to the big day, so this really is the best time of the year for me.

Anyway, before I ramble too much about Christmas, let’s get into my tentative TBR for November. As has been the case for the past few months, I’m not totally sure what I want to read this month and I have so many options. But I have a rough idea of what I might read and I wanted to share that with you all!

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October and Halloween Readathon TBR

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For the third month in a row, I have a ridiculous amount of books that I want to read and very little idea of which ones I will actually get to. This month I really want to focus on reading a lot of the older review copies I have since I feel really bad about how long it’s taken me to get to some of them. But I also have a few blog tours I’m participating in as well as some library books that I’d like to read before I have to return them. So once again, this is more of a look into what I might read this month rather than a set list. I’m also hoping to kind of participate in Lauren’s Halloween Readathon. I had a lot of fun doing it last year, so although I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do this time around, I want to at least get in one or two books for it. More on that below!

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September TBR

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If you remember last month’s TBR, you’ll remember how absolutely absurd my list of books was. I had a lot of library books and a lot of ARCs that I wanted to get through and I couldn’t make up my mind on what I was actually going to read which led to this huge list of books that I was maybe going to read. Well, this month is kind of going to be the same thing. I’ve managed to narrow it down more than I did in August, but not by much. I still have quite a few ARCs I want/need to read soon, plus a lot of library books, plus a few of my own books that I want to try and read before I go to the Boston Teen Author Festival on the 23rd. The upside: I have plenty of options of what to read this month. The downside: there’s no way that I’ll get to all of these books.

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