Modern Language in Historical Fiction

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As a fan of historical fiction, I end up reading a decent amount of reviews for books in the genre. Something that I’ve recently noticed is that there are reviewers who get annoyed with historical fiction for using modern language. This is something that honestly doesn’t bother me at all and that I actually like in historical fiction so today I want to talk a bit about why this may or may not be something to complain about. This should go without saying, but obviously, this is all personal preference/opinion!

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Reviews Are For Readers, Not Authors

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Reviewing is pretty much the cornerstone of book blogs. It’s what draws a lot of bloggers to blogging in the first place and it’s probably the one thing that a majority of book bloggers actually have in common. Because there are so many different people who review, you’re bound to come across a lot of differing opinions about reviews, who they’re really intended for, what they should do/say, etc.

Some people view reviews as a way to help authors. I don’t think anyone views their reviews as 100% for authors and not at all for readers, but there are certainly reviewers who think of reviews as primarily something that helps authors. You review books and help more readers discover the books, leading to more sales and exposure for the author. The end goal here is not to help readers discover books, but to generate more sales, hype, etc. for the author. But really, this mindset can lead to some problems in reviewing and for this reason, I really think reviewers need to view their reviews as something that benefits readers, not authors.

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Do You Struggle to Unfollow Blogs?

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Unfollowing blogs is something that I kind of struggle with. After I’ve been following someone for a while, I feel some sort of obligatory loyalty to them as if I’m somehow a bad person for no longer wanting to follow their blog. I worry that unfollowing them will make them upset or angry. Logically, I know I probably shouldn’t feel as bad as I do. Chances are people aren’t even going to notice that I’m no longer following them; they may notice their number of followers go down, but they probably won’t know it was me. And even if they do, why should I feel bad about unfollowing a blog that I’m no longer interested in? Today I wanted to talk a little bit about unfollowing blogs and why it’s okay to do it in case there are other people like me who end up feeling guilty.

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Should You Write Negative Reviews?

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Negative reviews can be a bit of a sensitive topic among bloggers. There are some who never write or share them, some who only post them to Goodreads, and some who post them on their blog frequently. Personally, I don’t write them often simply because I usually enjoy the books I read, but I still share them on my blog and Goodreads. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about when I think it’s okay or even good to write a negative review and when you should maybe skip it. Obviously, this is my personal opinion and people are free to write or not write negative reviews as they wish. So if you disagree with anything I say, don’t get too upset about it. 😉

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In Favor of Trigger Warnings for Books

in favor of trigger warnings

Trigger warnings for books have been, and continue to be, a very controversial topic. While many people (myself included) feel that trigger warnings are an essential part of making reading accessible to people with mental illnesses and/or who have survived trauma, others fear that trigger warnings might spoil parts of the book. Others simply don’t understand what trigger warnings are for and some even think that if people can’t handle certain topics, they just shouldn’t read at all (yes, there really are people who feel that way). As I already mentioned, I strongly support the use of trigger warnings and today I want to explain why.

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5 Things That Make Me Uninterested in Your Blog

5 things that make me uninterested in your blog

Every once in awhile I like to post something about what I do/don’t like about blogs, what I’d recommend for bloggers, etc. and I realized it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something like this. I’ve seen a lot of fellow bloggers talk about what you should do on your blog or what makes them interested in your blog, but I haven’t seen quite as much on the opposite side of that. So I decided to put together a list of a few things that discourage me from following your blog aka things that I don’t like to see on blogs/see bloggers do.

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