November Book Haul

november book haul blog header

It’s time for one of my favorite monthly blog posts: my monthly book haul. I was kind of good about buying books this month, but you know I still got some, haha. December is sure to have a huge haul with Christmas this month so it’s good that I had some self-control. Anyway, enough of my blathering – let’s get into my haul.

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October Book Haul

october book haul blog header

Happy Saturday, friends! Today I bring to you a very important post: my October book haul. Coming as a surprise to probably absolutely no one, I acquired a decent amount of books throughout the month. I was trying to be good and not buy any, but I failed entirely. Oops. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Let’s see what I got!

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September Book Haul

september book haul blog header

Remember how, back when I posted my August book haul, I was so proud of myself for only getting a few physical books? Yeah, that completely went out the window with this month’s haul, haha. I knew I would end up getting quite a few new books because I went to the Boston Teen Author Festival during September, so this isn’t really surprising. I’m hoping to put myself back on a bit of a book buying ban and really limit myself for the rest of the year. But anyway, let’s take a look at the books I got during September!

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August Book Haul

August Book Haul

Friends, I’m so proud of myself!! I finally have a monthly book haul that’s in the SINGLE DIGITS. I’m amazed!! Many of you probably know how ridiculous I can be with book buying, but I’ve really been trying to control myself recently. I still have so many books to read already plus I’m unemployed at the moment. It seems I was finally able to stick with that goal, haha. But, of course, I still managed to acquire a few books, so let’s take a look at them.

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July Book Haul

July book haul blog header

We’re now several days into August, so I thought now would be a good time to finally post my July book haul! I was originally going to post this last weekend, but then I ended up ordering a DSLR camera and I wanted to wait until it arrived so I could try taking some nice pictures of the books I got for this post. I decided to just take the one picture like usual, but you might notice it’s MUCH better quality than the crappy pictures I usually take on my phone, haha. I’m really looking forward to teaching myself photography on my new camera – hopefully, this means you all will see some nice pictures in my posts in the future! 🙂

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May & June Book Haul

may and june book haul blog header

Buckle up kids because this is going to be one VERY LONG POST.

I got a little lazy last month and never did my May book haul post like I usually do. Originally I decided I would just skip it until I remembered that I actually got a pretty big order of books from Amazon, as I ended up with $80 in Amazon gift cards after graduating college. With that order, I got some books that I’d been really wanting to buy for awhile and that I’m excited about, so I’m going to include that haul in here as well as my June haul and the ebooks I bought in May. I’m not going to include other physical books I got during May because, quite honestly, I don’t remember what else I got and I’m too lazy to try and figure it out.

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April Book Haul

april book haul blog header

One of these days, I will learn some self-control and I will go a month without accumulating an absolutely ridiculous amount of books. Alas, that day hasn’t yet come. April brought another big book haul for me (surprise, surprise). In my defense, three of these were from an author event I went to and two of these were giveaway wins. But the rest, well… that’s just me buying books.

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