selfie from July 2016Hello! My name is Kourtni and I’m the one behind this blog! I’m 22 years old but still addicted to reading YA. I love primates, food, video games, and (of course) books. And because no book blogger’s “about me” would be complete without it: I’m Ravenclaw.

Kourtni Reads was originally started on Tumblr in December of 2015. About a month later, I decided to also create a (somewhat) more professional blog here. Since then, I’ve found that I really enjoy this blog and have put most of my energy into this one.

I blog primarily about young adult books, but occasionally include adult, new adult, and nonfiction as well. My favorite genres include sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, contemporary, thrillers, and historical fiction, so, as you can see, I read a pretty big mix of different things. If you have any book recommendations for me, feel free to let me know! I’m always looking to add to my already completely absurd TBR.

If any of you are fans of what I do here and are wondering if there’s any way for you to compensate me for the work that goes into running my blog or you’re just feeling generous and want to make someone’s day, here is my Amazon wishlist. (And THANK YOU! You rock!)

Professional Reader2016 NetGalley Challenge10points

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