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Good morning, everyone! It’s mid-December which means it’s time for another installment in my Around the Blogosphere feature. For those of you who don’t know, this is a monthly feature I do to highlight some recent posts that other bloggers have shared that I really enjoyed and/or found thought-provoking. I know it can be difficult for people to find new blogs to read and my hope is that this feature makes it a little easier. 🙂 Without further ado, let’s take a look at some recent posts from fellow bloggers!

That’s all for this month’s Around the Blogosphere! Let me know what you think of these posts and feel free to link me to some recent posts you’ve enjoyed reading.

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8 thoughts on “Around the Blogosphere

  1. This is such a great idea. I don’t think I’ve visited any of these blogs besides Taryn and I’ve went in and followed them all! Thanks so much for sharing them!


  2. I love reading posts like these. As a Jew, I often find myself a bit lonely during the holiday season. Everyone is sharing all their favorite holiday novels and I can’t really relate. This post from Leah has inspired me to add quite a few of these books to my To Read list! Thanks for sharing.


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