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Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s once again time for me to share one of my Around the Blogosphere posts. For those of you who are new around here, this is a monthly feature of mine where I share some posts from other bloggers that I’ve recently read, really enjoyed, and want other people to check out. My hope is that this will help people discover some new blogs! So, if you’re looking to blog hop, let me help: check out these posts below.

  • CW did another one of her recommendation posts, this time highlighting books with critical discourse about society. I haven’t read any of the books recommended in the post, but most of them are on my TBR and after reading about them here, I really want to get to them soon! (As a side note, CW will no longer be blogging, but her posts are still great so I’m including this one anyway!)
  • Charlotte from Cah Writes did a guest post on Word Wonders about depression in books and the need for better representation of depression. This was a post that I, unfortunately, related to a little too well. Charlotte talks about how a lot of depression representation focuses on self-harm and seems to suggest that it’s easy to “cure” depression just by dealing with it and toughing it out (or falling in love) rather than showing people actually getting help and learning how to cope with their illness. Basically, this is a really great post and I strongly recommend reading it. CW for depression and self-harm.
  • Mikaela talked about the difference between being inspired by someone’s post vs. plagiarizing. This can definitely be a source of anxiety or frustration for bloggers, but Mikaela did a great job of breaking it down and giving some advice on what to do if you’re not sure if you’re taking too much from someone else’s posts. Mikaela often has really great posts and this was no exception!
  • Joséphine at Word Revel did an analysis of the most common words in YA book titles starting at the end of 2015 going through to the present. This was really interesting to me! A lot of the words that were on the list didn’t surprise me, although there were a couple I wasn’t expecting (and a couple that I was, but didn’t see).
  • Swetlana at The Caffeinated Bookworm Life put together a post about some of the struggles international bloggers face. I’ve always kind of felt bad for international bloggers (it’s so hard to get ARCs and have the chance to go to events and meet authors!), but there were some things included in this post that I’d never even thought about. If you’re from the US, I definitely recommend taking a look at this post. I can almost guarantee there’ll be something that you haven’t thought about before.

I hope you all enjoy blog hopping and taking a look at these posts!

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