My Dream Reading Space

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For years I have been thinking about how awesome it would be to have a giant library in my house someday. I know it’s unlikely I’ll ever have enough money to actually build one quite as epic as I’ve always imagined, but I can still pretend, right? When I found out the folks over at Arhaus were interested in seeing people’s dream reading spaces, I thought it sounded like a lot of fun.

Obviously, a major priority would have to be awesome bookshelves. I’m just going to pretend that money is not an issue here because seriously, the best bookshelves are always super expensive. Ideally, I’d want something that’s huge and can fit a ton of books because, as I’m sure you can all imagine, I have a lot of books to fit on those shelves! I’ve also always kind of dreamt of having those shelves with a little sliding ladder, you know something like this bookcase:

arhaus 01

But I’d want a bunch of them lining my walls, Beauty and the Beast style.

Of course, I’d also need a nice, comfy place to sit and read. I’d definitely want some kind of nice sofa, but let’s be real, who doesn’t want one of those really cute window ledge seats? I’d want one of those, too. Bonus points if it has shelf space underneath.

window ledge seating

For that window ledge seat, I’d obviously need a bunch of pillows too, but I’d really like to have some bookish themed ones. Luckily for me, Evie Seo has tons of great book-themed pillows that are also absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, if they weren’t so expensive, I’d have bought several by now.

Once I had all of that, my dream reading space would pretty much be all set! Of course, I’d need other things like lights, but I’ve got my priorities all set. 😉

What would your dream reading space look like?

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12 thoughts on “My Dream Reading Space

  1. Before, iPad or Kindle or any kind of e reading device came up. I love books, the touch, feel and smell of it. Even know I love physical book’s. But with travel I love my iPad, its so convenient to carry as many books you want along with you. I used to dream about having a big library full of books and I gathered lot of different physical books up to a point of time. With the e reader, I gather them on my iPad. Saying that I still like a dreamy comfortable place to sit and read them.
    If you check my blog out I have put together a post called “My Happy Place”, that is my family room. I have a sectional sofa placed close to a large window, plenty of light and you could look out at the lush green lawn and day dream , read as many books or do any kind of craft activities you like.


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