Around the Blogosphere (A New Feature!)


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Hello, everyone! Since I recently have been playing around with my blog schedule, I’ve also been trying to brainstorm some new kinds of posts that I could try out. One thing that I know some other bloggers do is a kind of wrap-up of posts that they’ve seen from other blogs that they really enjoyed. It seems like most people include these in weekly or monthly wrap-up posts, but I don’t do weekly wrap-ups and my monthly wrap-ups are already pretty long and I didn’t want to make them more annoying to put together, haha. But I really like these kinds of features because it’s a great way for me to discover new blogs when I read them, so I figured it’d be fun to help spread the love.

I’m still not really sure how frequently I’ll do something like this. It might just end up being something that I post once I feel like I have enough links to include in it. I’m not sure. Anyway, if you’re looking to do some blog hopping and potentially discover new blogs, look no further! Here are some of my favorite posts that I’ve read recently.

Also, Madalyn @ Novel Ink is looking for co-bloggers! The two other bloggers who are currently at Novel Ink will be leaving and Madalyn is looking for some help. This is an amazing blog and even though I don’t know her super well, Madalyn is ridiculously nice so I have no doubt that you’d have a great experience! πŸ™‚

Before I sign off, I wanted to also just apologize to anyone who’s commented on my blog in the past few days. I’ve been pretty swamped with school work and I’ve fallen behind on responding to comments. Unfortunately, the next few weeks are pretty hectic for me so I doubt that will improve very much within that time period, but fingers crossed! Basically, I’m sorry if you’re still waiting to hear back from me – I promise I’m not purposefully ignoring you!

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21 thoughts on “Around the Blogosphere (A New Feature!)

  1. Aw, thanks so much for including my post, Kourtni! ❀ Also, The BookAvid’s post leads to a link of your review for Girl Out of Water. I don’t know if it’s just me though. πŸ˜‚


  2. I looove posts like this! It’s actually really smart of you to do them outside of your monthly wrap-up– I feel like the only time I ever discover new blogs is towards the end of every month when everyone is posting links in their wrap-ups, so it’s nice to get some variety at a different time. πŸ™‚ and thanks so much for sharing my link!!


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