Top Ten Things That Make Me Want To Read a Book

Top Ten Tuesday 4/18 things that make me want to read a book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly themed post hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Each week features a different theme/prompt for which you come up with a list of 10 books/ideas. This week’s theme is top ten things that instantly make you want to read a book. This can be pretty much anything: words in a title, topics, recommendations from certain people, etc. There are quite a few things that draw me into books, so this should be a pretty easy topic for me!

Time Travel

I’m such a sucker for time travel. Not even just with books – I love anything that incorporates time travel into it. There are so many possibilities for what can happen and where and I’m endlessly amused by people from current times traveling into a different time period and having to hide the fact that they have no idea how to live in that society.

Multiple Dimensions

This was something I didn’t even realize I was into until I read A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. But wow, I loved it. I think this is kind of similar to time travel, but it has the added possibility that the main characters will run into other versions of themselves which is really cool to me. Now if I know a book has inter-dimensional travel, it pretty much immediately goes on my TBR.

Pretty Covers

I’ll admit it: I totally judge books by their covers. That’s why they get all decorated, right? So we can judge them? I don’t necessarily refuse to read a book if it doesn’t have a nice cover, but I’m only a little embarrassed to admit that I’ll sometimes pick up a book or add it to my TBR based on the cover alone, without having any idea of what the book is actually about.

Dystopian Themes

Those of you who have followed me for awhile know that dystopian books are some of my favorites to read. So if a book has dystopian themes, even if it isn’t the book’s main focus, it pretty much immediately gets added to my list. I will forever be entertained by books with corrupt and/or overbearing governments, especially when said governments are brought down by teenage girls.

Alternate History

I find it really interesting to imagine how different our world could be if one historical event ended differently than it did in reality. The tricky part about alternate history is that, as an author, you have to make sure you handle the topic well and don’t sensationalize/glamorize horrible historical events. But if it’s done well, these stories are amazing reads.

LGBTQIAP Characters

Ever since I was in middle school I’ve loved reading books that have LGBTQIAP characters in them. At the time, YA was mostly only gay white boys, but now the genre is a lot more inclusive of other sexualities and gender identities (although there’s still a lot of work to be done). I think my fascination with these characters comes from a lack of understanding of my own sexuality, honestly. It can be really comforting to read about other people figuring out their sexualities when you’re still unsure of how to precisely define your own.


Books that are really popular almost always end up on my TBR. I might not actually read them for a ridiculously long time, but I still want to read them. Sometimes this results in me adding books to my TBR that I was not the least bit interested in when I first heard about them, but this has ended surprisingly well for me. I’ve actually found some favorites this way, including Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde.

Discussion of “Tough” Topics

I really, really love reading books that deal with really tough topics, as long as the book handles it well. This is another interest of mine that goes back to middle school. I’ve always loved reading books that talk about things like mental illness, drug abuse, sexual assault, etc. I admit that some of my original favorites would probably make me cringe with how poorly they handle the topic, as I’m definitely more aware of that now than I was 10 years ago. Regardless, I love reading books that explore these kinds of issues.

Setting I’m Familiar With

I can 100% admit that there are books on my TBR that I would not care about at all if they weren’t set in my home state of Connecticut. I love reading books that have settings that are familiar to me, even if they aren’t actually real places (for example, The Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati was set in a fictional town in CT). Just the fact that the book is set somewhere that’s modeled after a place I actually know makes the book a lot more fun for me.

Anxiety Representation

This kind of ties into the whole “tough topics” theme, although I’ve read very few books that actually deal with anxiety. There are way more YA books that talk about depression, at least in my experience. But ever since I read Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde and saw social anxiety represented (and represented so well), this has become another thing that, once mentioned, gets a book added to my TBR immediately. I’ve dealt with social anxiety for about a decade so it’s really comforting to me to read about characters who are dealing with the same type of problems, even if their anxiety isn’t only social.

What things make you immediately want to read a book?

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33 thoughts on “Top Ten Things That Make Me Want To Read a Book

  1. Time travel is definitely a factor that will make me want to read any book! I also really like how you included anxiety representation because that’s an important element that I look for in books as well. It’s so frustrating when the author obviously did no research or put in little effort to find out what it’s actually like to deal with anxiety. Great list! 🙂

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  2. I have a weakness for pretty covers as well and time travel is awesome when there are no paradoxes and it all wraps up nicely. Have you read The Shining Girls? It is a good time travel book (in my opinion)

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  3. I am very much the same about books in settings I recognize. There aren’t that many set in Southern New Hampshire but there are a couple authors that I never would have picked up if there books weren’t set near where I live.

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  4. I have to 100% agree with you on the pretty covers being something that will make me pick up a book! I love staring at covers of my favorite books so much, so it obviously plays into my decision to pick up a book!

    I haven’t quite decided if I will like any book that features time travel and/or alternative universes as I’ve only read two trilogies featuring these aspects so far, but I did enjoy both!

    But I don’t usually think about why I pick up a book in categories that it matches, to be honest. I just pick up whatever peeks my interest at any given moment. I might have to actually think a bit more about this!

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    • I’m such a sucker for pretty covers. It’s pretty ridiculous, haha.
      I absolutely adore time travel and alternate universe books. I really desperately want to read more of them. That might also just be a result of me liking sci-fi though. 😛
      I pick up so many different things, but there are definitely certain topics or themes that make me immediately want to read books. I could’ve easily come up with a much longer list for this week!

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  5. Ooh, Kourtni, we share so many of the same ones! Time travel, multiple dimensions, and dystopian themes are some of my favorite things! Have you read Dark Matter by Blake Crouch; it’s probably my favorite sci-fi book about alternate/multiple dimensions! I still haven’t read any alternate history books, and I really need to!

    LGBTQ+ books and anxiety representation are some of my favorite things, too! They’re probably the only reason I keep reading contemporary since that’s my least fave genre (though those elements have been branching out in other genres lately, which is great!).


    • Great minds think alike 😉
      I read Dark Matter back in August and adored it! It ended up being one of my favorite books that I read last year.
      I do wish there was more incorporation of LGBTQIAP and mental illness representation in genres besides contemporary. I think it’s slowly starting to happen though and I can’t wait to see more of it. It’s one of the reasons I’m so excited for 27 Hours by Tristina Wright – it’s a YA sci-fi but all (or almost all, I don’t remember) the characters are members of the LGBTQIAP community.

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  6. I definitely agree with you on the queer character tip. I didn’t even realize there was any other way to be until I was an adult, which made for a depressed adolescence. So many books I wish I had when I was younger had to do with my identity, not only as a queer person, but also as a black person living experiences with mostly white people. Happy reading, yo.

    eli @ the (book) supplier
    My TTT


    • Oh geez it’s been awhile since I’ve read any either. The first one that comes to mind is Proof of Forever by Lexa Hillyer which isn’t a perfect book, but was still a cute summery contemporary. I’ve got about a hundred others on my TBR that I haven’t read yet, haha.

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  7. If you like time travel, I would definitely recommend The Time Traveler’s Wife and Kindred. They’re such great books.

    I totally judge books by their covers if I’m just browsing and don’t know what to buy. Haha.


    • I have both on my TBR! I watched the movie adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife years ago (I didn’t know it was based on a book at the time and I’m still really mad at myself, haha) so I definitely want to read the book since I really enjoyed the movie. And I’ve heard such good things about Octavia Butler that I really want to read Kindred!


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