ARC Review: By the Icy Wild by Everly Frost

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Published: February 17, 2017 by Ever Realm Books (self-published)  | Series: Book 3 in Mortality series | Length: 282 pages | Genre: YA, dystopian, sci-fi | Source: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a review. | Possible Triggers: violence

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Summary from Goodreads:

The threat is far from over. I will live by the icy wild.

Ava Holland is dead. At least, that’s what everyone’s supposed to believe. But Ava is on her way to the northern wilds and hidden within the icy mountains are dangers that nobody dares speak aloud. Meanwhile, Michael is forced to accept Ava’s death while defending his new home against the growing darkness beyond. When a mortality war begins, will anyone survive?

By the Icy Wild is the third book in an action-packed four-book series.

This review contains spoilers for the first two books in the series, Beyond the Ever Reach and Beneath the Guarding Stars.

It probably comes as no surprise to any of you to hear that I absolutely loved this book. Frost’s Mortality series is easily one of my favorites and this third installment did not disappoint at all.

Like the second book, By the Icy Wild picks up right where the last book ended. We get to see Ava and Snowboy travel to Ava’s new home and we see her get acquainted with her new “brothers” – the other mortals. For the most part, I really liked getting to know the other mortals. Each is unique in their own way and I enjoyed learning about each of their strengths. Some of them did feel a little under-developed to me and I would’ve liked to see them more fleshed out. I’m hoping we’ll see more of them in the last book. Like Ava, I would’ve liked if there was another girl in the group, but I liked the group of boys regardless.

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I mentioned this in my review of Beneath the Guarding Stars, but I’ll mention it again here. I really like how Frost picks up where the last book stopped but still incorporates information about past events, what’s going on, etc. so that if it’s been awhile since you read the last book, you won’t be lost. This was also useful for when characters were discussing things that happened in the first book since it’s now been almost a year since I read that. I really appreciated having this information added in, rather than being left to my own devices trying to remember what the characters are talking about.

I very much enjoyed seeing Ava finally come into her own and see her acceptance of herself. I’ve loved watching her journey over the past few books. She’s gone from someone who knows nothing about her mortality, to being afraid and unsure of herself, to finally accepting that she’s different, but that she has her own strengths. It made me so happy to see her come to terms with who she is instead of beating herself up over things out of her control.

I also really liked that, despite the fact that Ava is no longer living in “civilized society,” Frost found a way to keep her and the other mortals connected to what’s going on in the other countries, especially Starsgard where Ava’s friends are. I don’t want to say too much because of the risk of spoilers, but I thought it was pretty creative and helps keep the plot moving while also still allowing the mortals to live in their own little society.

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In case it isn’t obvious by now, By the Icy Wild was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Everly Frost continues to impress me with this series. I’m both very excited to see where the end of the series takes us, but also dreading it coming to an end with the next book. If you’re a fan of YA sci-fi or dystopian, I very strongly suggest checking out this series as it deserves so much more love and recognition than it gets.

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