My Dream Crate from LootCrate

My Dream Crate from LootCrate heading

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people over at
Loot Crate
, a subscription box service with “geeky” themes, and asked if I would want to put together a “dream crate” post. They’re looking for people (whether directly contacted or not!) to put together dream crates and share them on their blog, social media, etc. All I had to do was pick a theme and then create a crate idea that fits the theme. This sounded like such a fun idea so I, of course, agreed! This was really fun (and at times difficult); here’s my dream crate!

I decided to go with a “classics” theme for a couple of reasons. First of all, I just felt like classics are one genre that I almost always ignore and it was time for me to give them a little love. Secondly, I feel like, other than subscription boxes that focus specifically on classics, there aren’t really many sub boxes out there (that I know of) that have done a classics theme (which makes sense considering most subscriptions include newly released books… although they could use retellings of classics!). There were so many great things that I wanted to include in this, but I managed to narrow it down.

The Great Gatsby Book Pin

the great gatsby pin

The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite classics so I had to include something Gatsby related. I found this really cute book pin on Etsy and decided it had to be included!

Banned Books Notebook


So many classics – probably most of them, actually – have been banned at one point or another for some reason. What better way to celebrate those books than with a banned books notebook? You could write down book ideas and then write your own soon-to-be-banned book. 😉

The Catcher in the Rye Art Print

the catcher in the rye print from kiwi punk

I found this art print of The Catcher in the Rye and absolutely LOVE IT. I know a lot of people despise The Catcher in the Rye, but it’s personally one of my all-time favorite books and definitely wins the title of my favorite classic.

Wuthering Heights Pouch

wuthering heights pouch from evie seo

You couldn’t possibly think I’d get through this post without including something from Evie Seo, did you? Wuthering Heights is another one of my favorite classics. This is a pretty famous, memorable line from the book and I really love the design, too.

Mystery Author Bookmark

AwwBooks on Etsy has a bunch of different author bookmarks that are all really cool. If this were going to be a real crate, the people making the box could include a random, mystery bookmark so that some people got Edgar Allan Poe, others got Charles Dickens, etc. AwwBooks has quite a few options! 🙂

Jane Austen Candle

jane austen candle from luminous candles

And finally, for all you Jane Austen fans out there… A Jane Austen candle! The scent is a blend of cranberry and white jasmine which really sounds like it would smell quite nice. If it was too much to try and do an 8 oz. candle in the crate, they could do a little sampler or something like that because let’s be real: who doesn’t like candles?

Would you like to receive this crate? What else might you include?
Be sure to check out LootCrate’s website!

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