November Wrap-Up

November Wrap-Up

November just started like two days ago, didn’t it? How on earth is already over? I can’t complain, though. The end of November means the end of this semester is even closer and so is Christmas (my favorite holiday!). I just need to make it through the next two weeks and then I will have a few weeks to actually relax! And wow, do I need that. Anyway, let’s get into my actual wrap-up, shall we?

Books I Read

This month was pretty pathetic (at least in my terms). I only read three books! That’s the smallest amount of books I’ve read in one month all year. But, given how much schoolwork I’ve had to do, I can’t say I’m surprised. Luckily, I enjoyed all three.

  1. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon (4/5 stars)
  2. Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova (4/5 stars)
  3. Through a Window by Jane Goodall (4/5 stars)

These were all pretty good reads. I think my favorite was probably Everything, Everything. I also probably would have gotten through at least another one or two books if I hadn’t read Through a Window, but oh well. Nonfiction just takes me so long to read. I had to read it for class though and I’m glad I did because it was a good book.

Other Things I Posted

I did have a pretty productive blogging month overall, even if my reading was lacking a bit. Here are all of the other things I posted throughout November.


I reached 300 followers at the beginning of the month. I think it was literally like the 1st or 2nd of the month. That was pretty exciting for me. 🙂

November also marks the end of the Fall Bookish Bingo which was a huge fail for me hahaha I didn’t get a single Bingo, although I did come very close in a couple of spots. I think this is just because the past few months have been pretty slow reading months for me. I’m hoping I’ll do better with the Winter Bingo. Here are the original and completed cards:

November has been a frustrating month reading-wise and school-wise so I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. I’m looking forward to December, especially since I should have some time to relax and hopefully get some reading done once the semester ends. This semester has been a really stressful one and I can’t wait for it to be over!

How was November for you?

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13 thoughts on “November Wrap-Up

  1. Congratulations on reaching 300 followers, and sorry to hear that November hasn’t been amazing reading-wise or school-wise! Looks like blogging-wise you’ve been pretty productive, though, so that’s definitely something to be proud of. 😉

    Here’s hoping December picks up for you. 💞

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  2. Congratulations on 300 followers, that’s so so awesome!

    Also, I’m going to go check out this Winter Bingo business–I’m interested in the fun times! So thanks for sharing the link with us!

    You seem to have had a great month overall–here’s hoping whatever books you pick up in December are just as great! I’m so super excited to see you liked Labyrinth Lost–I just picked that up on my Kindle this morning on sale, and I’m super excited about diving into it!

    Here’s hoping December is just as great for you! My Loved and Loathed (November 2016) post is up, if you’re interested in checking it out (and haven’t yet done so). No pressure or worries at all if you’re not, though! Either way, happy book-ing to you in the near future…and happy December! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Only two more weeks! I’m right there with you on that. I can’t wait for winter break to be here already. Looks like you have a pretty great blogging month and read some good books all things aside. Here’s to hoping December is more relaxing and an even better reading month for you! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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