The Entertainer Blogger Award


I was tagged quite awhile ago to do this. Thank you to Monique from That Wild Soul for the tag!

The rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Add these rules to your post.
  3. Answer all the questions below.
  4. Display the award picture in your post.
  5. Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most important of all ENTERTAINING!


Why did you start a blog in the first place?

Two reasons. First of all, I wanted something to motivate me to read more often than I had been. I’m not really someone who can get myself to do things without some sort of extrinsic motivation, so I decided having a blog would be a good way to get myself to read. Secondly, I just wanted a place to talk about books! I don’t really have any friends or anyone to talk about books with in real life, so I wanted to join the book community and be able to fangirl over books with people. 🙂

What is your favourite book?

What kind of cruel question is this? I’m going to go with my favorite (maybe?) book of this year which I think might have been Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy or Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin. But god, I really don’t know haha

What do you dislike the most?

In books? There are quite a few things I don’t like haha I guess when the covers for books don’t really match the content of the book or are just really cheesy. ESPECIALLY when the book used to have a great cover and then got a terrible cover change. I’m looking at you, The Dark Days Club.

What is your favourite food item from the mall?

Soft pretzels from Auntie Anne’s! 🙂

What is your favourite pastime?

The obvious answer here is reading. But since that’s too obvious… I also really enjoy playing video games (especially The Sims, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon) and watching TV/movies (all-time favorite show: Parks and Rec).


Okay, I am far too lazy to come up with 12 bloggers. I’m going with my usual strategy of choosing a few of my recent followers. If any of you don’t want to do this or have already done it, no worries! Just ignore me 🙂

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