Halloween Readathon Wrap-Up


Today is November 1st which means that the Halloween Readathon I’ve been participating in for the past 3 weeks is officially over. I had so much fun doing this even if I didn’t get to nearly as many books as I would’ve liked. I knew getting through 6 books was unlikely since October is when school really picks up for me and I get busy but I was hoping for at least 4. I got through 3 books which isn’t terrible, but still not as good as I was hoping for. Oh well! So what did I actually read?


Books I Finished:

  1. All Her Secrets by Kate Avery Ellison (review)
  2. Heartless by Marissa Meyer (review)
  3. Asylum by Madeleine Roux (review)

Yes, I’m aware that Heartless has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween haha But it still technically helped me complete one of the challenges (more on that below).

Challenges Completed:



Finishing Asylum actually helped me with a few challenges, this being the first one. Look at that creepy cover!



Asylum can be used for this challenge as well since it has ghosts. Kind of. Close enough anyway. πŸ˜›



Asylum probably could’ve gone here as well, to be honest. BUT no need to use that for a third challenge since I also read All Her Secrets which was a great thriller! Seriously, check my review out and then go grab a copy of this.



Alright, I’ll admit I may be cheating with this one because I can’t actually remember if I read this only after sunset. I’m about 98% sure that I did. I know the other books I finished had all been at least partially read during the day, but I think I only read All Her Secrets before bed. So here it is.



This is where Heartless comes in. It was my “treat” book. It was nice to have this in between the other two books and I also absolutely loved this book! Seriously, if you like Wonderland, you need to grab this book when it releases next week.


Ah, finally, the only challenge I didn’t complete. I honestly wasn’t expecting to get through 6 books so I’m not surprised or upset about it haha October was just too busy for me to accomplish that!

There you have it – my Halloween Readathon wrap-up! I had so much fun participating in this and am so glad that Lauren decided to host it. I otherwise probably wouldn’t have read any creepy/scary books for Halloween otherwise.

If you participated, how many books did you get through? If you posted a wrap-up, link me to it in the comments!

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