When Does a Book Intimidate Me?

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I was hoping to finally post a review of The Forgotten: Aten’s Last Queen today, but I still haven’t finished it, so that can’t happen yet. Ugh. Hopefully at the end of the week, I’ll be able to finish and review it.

Without being able to post what I originally wanted to post, I decided to instead do a quick post describing the things that make me feel intimidated by a book. You know those books that you so desperately want to read, but are so afraid to delve into? What gets me to feel that way about a book?

Length of Book

This may take the spot for #1 reason I’ve been intimidated by books.  Long books terrify me. Looking at a massive book that’s 700 pages long just makes me feel like it’s going to take me forever to get through it. And who wants to start a book that’s going to take them 3 weeks to finish?

Long Series

Long series can work one of two ways for me: either it gets me very excited because I loved the series and want to binge read it or I get filled with dread because what if I don’t like the first book that much? I’ll still feel like I need to read the rest of the series so I know what happens to the characters and how their story ends (because I’m really stubborn). And then I might be spending time reading books that I feel are mediocre (or worse) instead of discovering new books I really like. Even if I do like the books, sometimes a long series is just too much of a time commitment.

Dense Writing

I remember so many books that I read in high school I ended up hating because of the dense writing. I don’t like super dense writing for a couple of reasons. One: it takes a long time to read the book because you have to sit there and dissect every sentence before you know what’s happening. Two: it takes too much brainpower. My relaxation activity becomes something that requires a ton of concentration and makes you think really hard so that you can fully grasp the material. It takes the relaxation out of relaxing with a book.

This ends up being the reason why I avoid classics. Whether they actually have dense writing or not, classics always make me nervous that it’s going to require a lot of dissection.

Font Size (Yes, Really)

This one may seem kind of silly, but it relates back to the first reason I gave: book length. The font size being really small always makes the book look way longer to me. It also makes it hard for me to tell exactly how long the book is. If I know that there are a lot more words on the page than there would be if the font was the size I’m used to, I know it’s a longer book than I first thought but… I can’t really tell how much longer it is. Is the book going to take me 5 days to get through? Or 15? Small font size can be confusing.

These are some of the most common reasons why a particular book may seem intimidating for me. I’m sure there are other things that might intimidate me a bit too, but these are the really common ones.

What makes you feel intimidated by a book?

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14 thoughts on “When Does a Book Intimidate Me?

    • High fantasy intimidates me too, especially if it’s adult fiction and not YA. Historical books don’t usually intimidate me, since I’ve read quite a bit of historical fiction, but there are certain time periods/places that sometimes do (like Tudor England for some reason).


  1. I totally agree with all of these! Plus, I get a bit put off when books have really long chapters because it just makes reading it seem so much slower. Also, when books don’t only have small font but they also have really small margins and there’s so much writing on the page.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah, long chapters are definitely another thing that intimidates me. It makes me feel like I need to have a lot of time to sit down and read, rather than feeling like I can get a chapter or two in here and there. It definitely makes it feel like it’ll take a lot longer to read the book.


  2. Book length is actually a huge issue for me nowadays. I remember before when I would love to read books that are massive, but now I go for books of a more moderate size. I guess it’s so I could read more books instead of poring over one book for a really long time! This post was fun to read, btw! 🙂

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