Bout of Books 17 Wrap-Up

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As you probably know, this past week I was participating in Bout of Books. It’s a week-long readathon where you basically set your own goals but can also participate in challenges that are put on by the hosts. This was my second time participating in Bout of Books, but for the first time I also participated in a challenge!

Day 1’s challenge was to post about your most and least favorite book-to-movie adaptations. If you missed that post, it is right here. I gave pretty cliche answers, to be honest.

Now on to the wrap-up of the actual reading I got done. Or more accurately, didn’t get done.

Guys. The past two weeks have had me in the worst reading slump. It took me EIGHT days to read a 250 page book. And then without realizing it, I made a horrible decision and started reading a 550 page book. So. That’s where I’m at.

My goal was to finish reading 3 books during the week. I technically didn’t even finish one. I finished Ash by Malinda Lo, but I had gotten through about half of that before Bout of Books started. So I counted that as half of a book being finished. And as of the time I’m writing this (Sunday morning), I’m only about a third of the way through the book I picked up after that, The Forgotten: Aten’s Last Queen by J. Lynn Else. So there’s no way that’s getting finished before Bout of Books ends. If you’re interested in actual page counts of my daily reading, I’ve been updating my sign-up post with daily reading progress.

In terms of reading, I really didn’t do nearly as well as I was hoping for. But I don’t really mind. I still had a lot of fun and I’m glad I participated, even if its intended purpose didn’t really work out for me. The reading slump took over and Bout of Books couldn’t fight it off. I still look forward to taking part in the next one!

How did you do during Bout of Books?


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