3 Cliches/Tropes Everyone Seems To Hate That I Love

3 cliches i love

Once you’ve been involved with the book community for more than maybe five minutes, you start to realize that there are some things that are present in a lot of books that almost everyone seems to hate. I admit, I have a fair share of cliches and tropes that I don’t like seeing too, but there are a few that everyone seems to hate that I absolutely love.

Love Triangles

This is probably one of the most hated cliches in YA. But no matter how many times I read love triangles in books, I do not get the least bit tired of them! I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the tension between the two love interests. Maybe it’s trying to figure out which one is going to win the protagonist over. I don’t know, but I love love triangles.

Bad Boy That MC Turns “Good”

I don’t think this one is hated quite as much as love triangles, but I still see a decent amount of people complaining about it, mostly because it’s overused. I don’t know though, I love seeing how a “bad boy” changes for a girl. It never happens in real life, so it’s nice to see it work out in a story haha

The Chosen One

Okay I’m not sure if I would say I love this one, but it doesn’t annoy me and I also understand why it’s so prevalent. It’s often kind of necessary in order for our main character to have any role in the story. I mean, can you imagine if there was some big revolution happening and the main character was just some ordinary teenager with no reason to be involved? I don’t think most teenagers would be jumping with excitement to join a revolution that could get them killed (or maybe it’s just me…). Anyway, I kind of like having our main character forced into a leading or other really important role because it makes the whole story a lot more interesting. I like it even more when we get to see our MC struggle with not wanting to be in that role, kind of like Harper in the Rebel Belle series (although I wouldn’t really call her a Chosen One. But still.).

These are just a few cliches/tropes/whatever you want to call them that a lot of people hate but that I actually really enjoy. I’m sure there are more I could add here, but I’ll stop here.

Are there any cliches that you just can’t get enough of? Or any that you really hate?

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12 thoughts on “3 Cliches/Tropes Everyone Seems To Hate That I Love

  1. I don’t mind love triangles, especially if you can’t tell who the main character is going to end up with.
    Hate: girl-on-girl hate (especially over a boy), girl thinks she’s plain but is really beautiful & insta-love.

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  2. I actually enjoy all these tropes, especially love triangles! I always think a book is more exciting with a love triange, haha. I feel like the Chosen One is a cliche that can either be really great if executed well, or really horrible if it’s too familiar. Great discussion! xx

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  3. I don’t mind The Chosen One trope!! Like you said it’s kind of hard for the story to exist without it. I can deal with the second one as long it’s done right. I just don’t like it when the relationship is portrayed in an unhealthy way. Not sure if I can ever get on board with love triangles 😅 but I can see why people would enjoy them. I think there’s about to be a love square in my current read so I’d definitely prefer a love triangle than that hahaha!! Great post, Kourtni 😊

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    • Unhealthy relationships are a big no-no for me too. I hate when unhealthy or even downright abusive relationships are romanticized or when you’re supposed to sympathize with a love interest that treats the other person like crap. & god a love square seems like a bit much hahaha


  4. I’m typically fine with Chosen Ones, but I do have to admit that I’m not that fond of love triangles or bad boys turned good. There are exceptions to both of those. I would never deny that they can be done well. I just feel like they’re easily done badly as well, and I’ve read enough bad ones that I’m instantly on guard when either trope is in a book.

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  5. I actually really like chosen ones, too! As long as the character doesn’t veer off into Mary Sue/Gary Stu territory, I can roll with it just fine. And I agree that it makes things veeery interesting because the character is usually ~destined~ to do things and the stakes are higher.

    I don’t like love triangles or bad boys, though, so oops. Totally guilty. 😛

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