3 Bookish Pet Peeves

3 bookish pet peeves

I think anyone who reads relatively frequently probably has some things about books that just drive them crazy. I know I personally have quite a few, so I figured I’d share a few of them to see if it’s just me or if these things annoy anyone else (I feel like they must…).

When the Blurb Gives Too Much Away

This is something that really, really, really annoys me. I’ll read the blurb and not think much of it, but then read the actual book and realize that quite a few major plot points have been given away by the blurb. This is so disappointing because it takes so much fun and surprise out of reading, both of which are things I’d like to experience.

When Library Books Are Ridiculously Damaged

This is, luckily, not something that I’ve had to deal a whole lot with as my library does a pretty good job of keeping its books in good condition and repairing or replacing ones that get damaged. But a couple of times, I’ve taken out books that have been treated so horribly. I remember about a year ago, I borrowed The Program by Suzanne Young and the spine was destroyed and the back cover was almost completely detached. It deserved so much more…

When the Blurb Doesn’t Really Match the Story

99% of the books I read are books that I’ve chosen because the blurb sounded really interesting. (The other 1% are cover buys and/or books I’ve chosen only because other people won’t stop talking about them.) So when I’ve chosen to read a book because the blurb sounded great and then I realize that the book and the blurb don’t really match up… it’s super annoying. I remember this was a big problem I had when I read The Requiem Red by Brynn Chapman. The blurb talked all about some creepy monster stalking the halls of an asylum and then the book was all about this mysterious connection between two girls. I would have enjoyed the book so much more if I had been led to expect that kind of story.

That’s all I have today! I’m sure I’ll think of more pet peeves of mine and probably do a follow-up list eventually. In the meantime, what are some of your bookish pet peeves?

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9 thoughts on “3 Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. The blurb ones annoy me so much! I hate it when a blurb is basically a summary of the entire plot. It’s like what’s the point? It ruins the entire book because you already know everything that happens! Like, some summaries are like five more paragraphs and I’m just like…. WHY? Haha.

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    • Haha yes, exactly! I remember a few months ago I read a book (can’t remember which one it was…) and the blurb didn’t seem like it gave that much away, but something that it mentioned really casually was written to be a big plot twist and I just remember being so disappointed because I already knew it was going to happen. It takes away so much from reading.


  2. I read Kindle books so I haven’t run into an issue with damaged library books, but I agree with you on the blurb giving away too much. That annoys me. I also get annoyed about the blurb not matching the book. It feels like I’ve been lied to when that happens and it takes so much away from the book when I go to write my review. Too much in a blurb is like when a movie trailer shows all the good parts. Then you don’t feel the need to go see the movie.

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  3. The synopsis giving too much away is a genuine hate of mine. To be honest, I rarely read the blurb of a book and just go off what other people say about it, or if I DO read the blurb I’ve probably forgotten it by the time I actually read the book. But I always notice when I’m doing my reviews. I usually copy down the blurb on the back cover, because it tends to reveal less than Goodreads synopsis’ – but I always read through them first and decide which one is less spoilery. There’s been way too many times where I’ve felt like reading a book was a bit pointless because I knew everything from the blurb already!

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    • I use the blurbs a LOT to determine if I want to read a book. The only time I don’t is if it’s a book that everyone has been raving about and/or it’s been super popular. Then I just kind of trust that other people have good taste haha but so often I read a blurb and then read the book and realize that what was written in the blurb was meant to be a surprise or a really emotional moment in the book but because I knew it was coming it just… wasn’t.

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