Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

zombie apocalypse book tag

First of all, a big thank you to Lauren at Wonderless Reviews for tagging me to do this! If any of you don’t follow her blog, you should absolutely go check it out! She and her blog are wonderful. 🙂

The Rules:

  • Choose 5 books!
  • Randomly set up your books in order.
  • Flip to a random page in the book and write the first two names you see.
  • Put the names in the categories listed below in the order you saw them!
  • Cry at how screwed you are…

The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag was created by Nathan Hale and you can view the original video here.

Alright so I’m going to do the same thing that Lauren did: just use the first two people I can think of from the last 5 books that I’ve read. Most of the books I’ve been reading for the past couple of months were all library books and so have been returned already… And I obviously don’t want to use characters from books I haven’t read yet 😛

The Books & Characters I’m Using

The Raven Boys – Blue and Adam


A Gathering of Shadows – Lila and Rhy

A Gathering of Shadows Final

The Selection – Maxon and America


From Deities – Mason and Nick

from deities cover

Dig Too Deep – Liberty and Her Granny


Now, onto the apocalypse:

The First Person to Die: Blue (The Raven Boys)

Well, this is quite sad already… I really like Blue.

The Person You Trip to Escape the Zombies: Adam (The Raven Boys)

I guess I must be pretty desperate because I also really like Adam and would prefer if I didn’t kill him.

The Person That Trips You to Get Away From the Zombies: Lila (A Gathering of Shadows)

  1. This is quite funny because this is the same person who tripped Lauren.
  2. This is great because I could totally see Lila doing this. The girl’s got survival skills.

The Team Idiot: Rhy (A Gathering of Shadows)

Okay, so this is the same as Lauren’s too haha Oh well. It works well enough. I wouldn’t exactly call Rhy an idiot but I could see him prioritizing other things over, you know, not getting eaten by zombies.

The Brains of the Group: Maxon (The Selection)

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one… I haven’t read enough of the series to know a whole lot about Maxon’s intelligence. But he seems to be pretty smart and intuitive from what I do know about him, so this works.

The Team Medic: America (The Selection)

I kind of feel like America would be too busy worrying about herself to actually help anyone else, but okay. (Can you tell I’m not really fond of her…? lmao) I guess she can be pretty supportive and caring towards people she likes though, so maybe it’d work out. Maybe.

The Weapons Expert: Mason (From Deities)

Mason can kick some ass although he usually prefers to use his powers as a descendant of Zeus rather than weapons…

The Team’s Brawler: Nick (From Deities)

This works quite well. Nick can also kick ass especially if people he cares about are in danger.

The First to Turn into a Zombie: Liberty (Dig Too Deep)

Honestly, I can kind of see this. I think as smart and determined as she is, she is a little clueless at first. And the zombie apocalypse doesn’t tend to give you enough time to get a grasp of what’s going on and to let you adjust…

And Finally, The Team Leader: Liberty’s Granny (Dig Too Deep)

Her no nonsense attitude would make her a great leader. And she just kind of has a natural authority that I don’t think anyone would object to her taking the lead.

I’m feeling particularly lazy today so I’m not going to tag anyone specifically. If you want to do this though, consider yourself tagged by me!

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3 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

  1. Haha, this was great!!! I love that we both had 2 of the same answers 😂 Blue dying first is super sad! I love her so much!! She would have been a great addition to the team. I haven’t read Dig Too Deep, but I absolutely love the idea of a Grandmother being the leader in a zombie apocalypse!!

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