3 Things to Include in Your Reviews

3 things for reviews

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I go to read someone’s review of a book and I find things missing that I think are really important or useful. Sure, I could look up some of the information myself, but why not include it in your reviews to make things just a little bit easier for your readers? I wanted to make a quick list of a few things that I think should be included in all book reviews.

Synopsis of the Book

There are few things worse than reading a review where someone is talking about how great the plot and characters and writing were and yet having no clue what the book is actually about. I want to know at least the basics of what happens in the book. I usually include the book’s synopsis from Goodreads, but you could also write up a few short sentences in your own words of what the book is about. But I strongly recommend you include something about what it’s about. After all, I don’t want to read through a few hundred words and then look up the book and find out it’s not something I would ever be interested in reading.

Buy Links

I know some people don’t include links to Amazon or B&N or anything because they want people to buy from their local indie instead. But 1.) not everyone has an indie store (or any physical bookstore) near them, 2.) not everyone can afford to pay full list price so Amazon may be a great option for them, and 3.) even if they’re going to buy from a local bookstore, some people like to have a wishlist on Amazon or Goodreads that they can easily pull up. If you don’t want to pull a bunch of links together for every book, at least include one to Goodreads. Right from the Goodreads page, your readers can easily find links to online retailers and/or add it to their list of books to read.

Your Thoughts

This seems really obvious, but you’d be surprised how many reviews I’ve read where it’s actually really difficult to tell whether the person liked the book or not. A decent amount of reviews end up being all summary and don’t include any of their actual thoughts on the book other than a rating tacked on at the end. This is pretty useless in my opinion. Reviews are meant to give readers a feel for what you thought about the book. Just listing what happens or how this or that character does x, y, and z isn’t going to help anyone know if you thought the book was good or not. And while including a 4-star rating may let your readers know that you generally liked the book, star ratings mean very different things to different people, so it’d be a good idea to explain at least a little bit about what that rating means to you. Make sure you’re actually letting people know what you thought of the book!

BONUS: Basic Information About the Book

Other than the title and author, which is mandatory if you ask me, there’s some other basic information that can be really helpful for your readers but isn’t necessarily something you have to include. But it may be useful to include the date it was published, the publisher, genre(s), length, if it’s in a series (okay, this one might be a mandatory thing to include), etc. This is all information you can pull right off the book’s Amazon page so you don’t even need to still have the book available to you. Again, these are simple things that people can look up but let’s face it, they probably won’t and you can help your readers (and the author!) by including it in your review.

Are these things that you think should be included in every review? What else might you add to the list?

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16 thoughts on “3 Things to Include in Your Reviews

  1. I don’t include buylinks because I think the chances that someone is going to read my review and then go to Amazon and buy the book RIGHT NOW are pretty slim. :p I do link to Goodreads so they can add it to their to-read list and maybe buy it later, though.

    I completely agree about the summary. I usually skip it completely if I know about the book already, but in the instances where I don’t, the summary is so necessary for me to understand the review.

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    • I think including a Goodreads link is plenty. That way people can add it to their TBR and easily find links in case they do want to buy it. I include Amazon & B&N just for good measure haha
      I’m the same way re: summaries. I don’t need or want to read it if I already know about the book, but it’s incredibly useful for books I haven’t heard much about it before.


  2. I do all of this.. I think? Hahaha I don’t include the little details though, like the num of pages, genre etc., but now that you mentioned it, it is a helpful tidbit. When I’m in a hunt for books to read, sometimes I check the themes and number of pages especially when I feel like reading a very specific type of book. The blurb is usually enough for me, but I tend to be picky at times =p I imagine some reader feel the same way at times as well!

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    • I think all the little details can be helpful but I don’t think they’re necessary. I started including them mostly because I found that I liked when other people included that info in their reviews and because I noticed a lot of people do include it. But like I said, I think you’re fine if you don’t. 😛


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