I Messed Up Book Tag

i messed up

Thank you to Monique at That Wild Soul for the tag!

There aren’t really any rules for this. You just answer the questions and tag a few people. So let’s get to it. 🙂

A Character’s Appearance You Misread or Imagined Differently

The answer to this is basically everyone lmao I have a bad tendency to kind of skip through character descriptions because I get bored reading them. Oops. But one character that I actually KNOW I pictured incorrectly is Cal from Red Queen. The first time I read it, I imagined him with blond hair but I saw Victoria Aveyard tell someone on Tumblr that he had black hair.

A Character Name You’ve Been Pronouncing Incorrectly

I read a lot of fantasy books so I’m sure there are tons of names I pronounce incorrectly as I’m reading. One that immediately comes to mind is when I was reading Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, I had no freaking idea how to pronounce Iseult. I know there are a ton of others but I can’t think of any more right now.

An Overused Trope That Is Your Guilty Pleasure

Honestly there are quite a few. My top two are the broody male love interests and love triangles. I know that love triangles are probably the #1 most hated YA trope but I love them. I really don’t know why though…

A Cliched Character Type You Enjoy Viewing On Screen Than Reading About

The “mean girl.” I really don’t like reading about these types of characters at all, though I’m not really sure why. They just annoy me. I feel like they add a lot more when they’re in a movie/tv show.

A Word/Phrase You Learned Because of Its Use In A Book

Hmmm. I’m sure there are quite a few as I read a ton when I was a kid and would’ve come across a lot of words or phrases I didn’t know, but I’m coming up empty with this one.

Have You Ever Not Read or Completed a Required Reading Book For School

Yes, yes I have. I really tried my best to read them but I would get SO BORED, especially with the books I had to read for AP English my senior year. A couple that I remember not finishing were Hamlet, As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner, and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

Have You Ever (Or Wanted To) Skipped A Chapter From the POV of a Character You Weren’t Interested In

Nope! I’ve luckily never had this problem.

Have You Ever Cancelled Social Plans To Read A Book

I don’t think I’ve ever cancelled plans, but I’ve avoided making them in the first place because I wanted to read instead.

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