Make Me Read It ReadaThon

make me read it readthon

Hi everyone! Now that I’m not swamped with schoolwork and actually have the time to participate in readathons, I’m seriously excited. This will be my second readathon and I’m really excited about this one because you guys get to pick what I’ll read!!

This readathon is being hosted by Valerie at The Innocent Smiley and Ely at Tea & Titles. Basically for this readathon, you put together a list of books that you want to read and have people vote on which ones you should read. Then when the readathon comes around, you read the books in order from most to least votes. I might have a couple of these read by the time the readathon actually starts, but I’ll try to stick to ones that have few votes so that you guys are picking what I read during the actual readathon which is from July 9th to 16th.

Without further ado, here’s the poll for you all to vote in!


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28 thoughts on “Make Me Read It ReadaThon

  1. Ahhh I really hope The Raven Boys win! It is such a great read! And by the looks of it, you’ll probably be reading it muhaha!

    Thank you so much for joining! I can’t wait to see what other books are picked!

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