The Hunger Games Characters as Sims

I’ve probably mentioned a few times that I’m a little bit obsessed with The Sims. This is a long-standing obsession of mine – I remember when I was in first or second grade, my older brother had the original game and I would always go onto his game and play (or more accurately, mess things up – I even got his family’s children taken away once. Oops.). I’m now 21 and still in love with this game. A bit pathetic? Probably.

Anyway, I decided it might be kind of fun to make some of my favorite book characters as Sims. So I present to you Katniss, Prim, and Peeta from The Hunger Games as Sims.

First up: Katniss. She was probably the easiest to make here. There were quite a few outfits that would’ve worked for her in the game, but when I think of Katniss I always think of her brown hunting jacket so that’s what I put her in. Her personality was relatively easy too. I gave her the fishing aspiration as it was the closest thing The Sims 4 has to hunting… I made her family-oriented as the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Katniss is always her devotion to Prim. I also gave her the “loves the outdoors” trait (again because of hunting) and the loner trait because, well, it’s Katniss.


Next up is my love, Peeta. He was pretty easy to make as well. I went for the black shirt and green cargo pants that he wears during their first Hunger Games in the movies. The hairstyle isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough. πŸ˜‰ Since Peeta’s a baker, I gave him the master chef aspiration. I also gave him the good, family-oriented, and romantic traits. The romantic trait was a little bit of a stretch in my opinion, but I think it fit him better than any of the other traits would have.


And finally, Prim! She was definitely the most difficult to make. I tried to go for the outfit she wears during the Reaping scene in the first movie, but I couldn’t make it perfect. I made her a teen, but now that I think about I probably should have just made her as a kid. Oh well. πŸ˜› Anyway, I gave her the “freelance botanist” aspiration as I figured gardening would help her get herbs and other things she could use as a healer. Since she’s a teen, she only gets two traits: good and outgoing. She’s always trying to help other people so I thought those fit her quite well.

That’s it! I had a lot of fun making these guys and I may make more book characters as Sims and share them with you guys. If any of you play The Sims 4, I have these available in the gallery for you to use if you’d like. Just search my username, ThatGirlKourtni, and you should find them! πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Characters as Sims

  1. I loved playing The Sims (1 and 2) during high school and Uni!! I stopped playing in 2012 though when my laptop died and I was traveling all the time anyway. The Sims 2 is still my all time favorite, although I never tried nr 4. (Ok I admit, I didn’t even realize they made a fourth version haha)

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      • I guess I like TS2 best because I’ve played it the longest… I actually started with the original Sims (I think just after the first expansion pack came out), but I think I played most with TS2… Even created my own CC as a true Sims nerd haha. I’ve only tried the demo of TS3 and didn’t really like it; I guess I was too attached to my TS2 characters (I loved playing them through different generations)

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  2. This was highly entertaining. Ah, I miss The Sims! I’m still stuck on Sims 3 (was no so sold on 4) but it has been way too long since I was back to playing a cruel, sadistic God.

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  3. This is awesome! I’m 26 and obsessed with The Sims, haha. I have like 4GB of Custom Content and Mods saved on my Laptop and I would spend all day watching Let’s Plays on Youtube πŸ˜‚ Ever since I started blogging and getting back into reading I haven’t had time to play it though.

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    • I haven’t played it that much recently either, but I bought a new game pack and it has refueled my obsession haha I used to download SO MUCH custom content, but I oddly haven’t gotten any for The Sims 4. When I played TS3, I swear half my computer’s space was taken up by custom content hahaha


  4. Omg The Sims!! I love this game so much, I get addicted every time I start playing it again. I love how we are the one in control of our Sims and her/his life it gives me a sense of power lol. Your Katniss Everdeen character is on point, well done!

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