ARC Review: Five Seven Six by C.E. Wilson

25896649Rating: 3.5/5 

Release Date: April 26, 2016

Source: eARC from the author

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The Awaited Sequel to “Five Seven Five”.

There was once only darkness in White Frost’s world. Now she has seen the light, and that is the problem. Attempting to juggle her comfortable, predictable life with the wonders and dangers of the Unknown is becoming more difficult with every day and soon White will have to make a permanent choice.

Can she settle down in her safe, familiar world of darkness or is the lure of an uncertain yet unlimited horizon too strong for her to ignore? Is it worth giving up everything to take a chance with the Boy with Words?

There is one small section of this review that contains a spoiler BUT it is clearly marked so you can avoid it if you wish. 🙂

Back in January, C.E. Wilson sent me a copy of Five Seven Five, the first book in her The Boy With Words duology. It was a really fun read and I enjoyed it quite a bit (you can find my review here), so she contacted me recently asking if I’d like to also review Five Seven Six, the sequel.

I had one problem with this book: it’s marketed as a fantasy but there’s very little fantasy in this one. The first one focused on the fantasy/sci-fi elements, but this one really didn’t. It focuses more on White’s relationship with Kes. I didn’t mind so much as it was still something I enjoyed but it’s definitely something that others should be aware of and keep in mind.

With that said, I liked seeing more of the relationship (friendship and otherwise) between White and Kes. I was actually kind of surprised to see how much I enjoyed them because I remember feeling really weirded out by White liking him in the first book. But I liked how supportive he was of her and overall just really liked seeing them together.

I also liked seeing White explore more of the “real” world. It was fun to see her trying new things and getting a lot of her curiosity satiated.


One other complaint I have is that I wish we had been able to see more of White’s new colony and her friendship with Rika. Kes drops her off and then it’s basically a time jump to him coming back and talking to her. I would have liked to see a bit more of her settling into her new home, meeting the people who already live there, etc.



Something that I really appreciated was that things were resolved at the end and didn’t leave me wishing I knew more (well, anymore than I usually do). The ending was definitely well done in my opinion.

This was a pretty quick read and I didn’t think there were any really slow parts. While there were times where not much was happening plot-wise there were still things happening between Kes and White to keep you interested.

One last note: I fully admit that I originally thought that the title was really stupid at first. I didn’t think it had any real meaning and was instead just a “sequel” title of Five Seven Five which I thought was kind of dumb because Five Seven Five was a title based on the haiku poems that Kes and White wrote. But it does actually have some meaning which was a pleasant surprise.

This book wasn’t perfect, but it was still a quick and fun read. If it sounds like something you might like, give it a try!

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