Weekly Recommendation #6


Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

This book is a really powerful read, as many of Laurie Halse Anderson’s books are. I’ve read several of her books and I’ve loved all of them. She really is a great writer and makes her stories come alive. I wanted to recommend one of her books for that reason and I decided to go with Wintergirls mostly because it’s the book of hers that I’ve read most recently.

Wintergirls is about Lia, a teenage girl with anorexia. Her and her friend Cassie have had anorexia for awhile and Cassie dies, leaving Lia with a lot of guilt. Lia is depressed and hurting herself as well. The story follows Lia as she tries to recover and move on. She deals with not only her mental illnesses and the loss of Cassie, but also with other more universal teenage problems, like family issues and dealing with the pressure to live up to others’ expectations. Due to the story’s themes of death, eating disorders, depression, and recovery, this story can definitely be triggering so you may want to skip reading this if you are sensitive to these kinds of topics.

Like I mentioned, this is a really powerful story. I remember thinking about it for days after I had finished reading it and it’s a book that has definitely stayed with me. I liked that it dealt with really tough subjects, but also with more “typical” problems. There’s a lot to relate to and I don’t think you need to have had experienced mental illness or anything like that to be able to connect to Lia.

Check this book out if it sounds like something you might like! If you’ve already read it, feel free to comment below with your thoughts!

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