Weekly Book Recommendation #2

Last week’s recommendation post was really popular and I’m so glad to see people enjoying it. 🙂

This week’s recommendation is Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins.


I borrowed this from my local library last summer (I think) and really enjoyed it. Rebel Belle is about a girl named Harper who inherits powers and has to risk her life to protect David, someone she has had a really long rivalry with.

One of the best things (if not the absolute best thing) about this book is the protagonist. Harper is badass but super feminine which is one of the reasons I absolutely love this series. She will kick ass while wearing a dress and then apply lip gloss while you’re lying on the ground. It’s awesome. Another thing I really like about Harper is that, unlike many other protagonists, she doesn’t immediately accept the fact that she has these powers and people expect her to take on a ton of responsibilities. She makes sure that people know she thinks it’s totally unfair for her to be expected to sort of give up her life and her dreams in order to deal with her new Paladin powers. I just really loved how opinionated and vocal she was.

This is the first in a trilogy and the second book is called Miss Mayhem. Miss Mayhem is just as enjoyable and filled with so many awesome twists and turns. The final book comes out on April 5th and is called Lady Renegades.

Here are links to all 3 books on Amazon:

  1. Rebel Belle
  2. Miss Mayhem
  3. Lady Renegades

Oh, and as a side note, Rachel Hawkins is on Twitter and is an absolute gem.


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