Top Ten Favorite Books of 2017

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Yes, yes – I know this post is early, considering we still have almost three weeks left in 2017 and for all I know I could end up discovering a really fantastic book in what remains of this year. However, this is the topic for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday and I wanted to participate so here we are! 🙂

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly post hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Each week features a different theme or prompt for which you come up with a list of ten books or ideas. This week’s theme is top ten favorite books of 2017. Like I said, I know it’s a little early for this (at least in my mind it is!), but I wanted to participate in TTT this week. FYI: these aren’t listed in any particular order. I should also note, for my list, I’m talking about any books that I read during 2017, not just books that released during 2017.

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Why I’m Not Using A TBR In December

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Some of you may have noticed one of my usual monthly posts is missing: my monthly TBR. Although I’ve found TBRs to be really helpful in keeping me on track with books I need to review, they can also be kind of stressful to keep up with. I wanted to discuss the reasons why I decided to skip the TBR this month and just kind of read what I want for the last few weeks of 2017.

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Review: Lillac Town Novellas #1 & 2 by M. Hollis

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Contemporary new adult queer romances

The Melody of You and Me (#1)

Amazon | Book Depository | Goodreads

Summary from Goodreads:

After dropping out of university and breaking up with her girlfriend of three years, Chris Morrison’s life is now a mind-numbing mess. She doubts that working at the small neighborhood bookstore is going to change that. The rest of her time is spent mostly playing guitar and ignoring the many messages her mother keeps sending her about going back to college.
But one day, an adorable and charming new bookseller waltzes her way into Chris’s life. Josie Navarro is sweet, flirty, and she always has a new book in her hands. The two girls start a fast friendship that, for Chris, holds the promise of something more. But is she reading too much into this or is it possible that Josie feels the same way?

The Paths We Choose (#2)

Amazon |  Goodreads

Summary from Goodreads:

Lily Ferrari enjoys having control over every detail of her life. Ever since she left her parents’ house to gain her freedom, she decided to fully own her autonomy. But an unexpected visit from her little brother may change the path she chooses to follow. 
Add to that a casual fling with the bright architect Mayte González, and Lily’s summer is turning out more interesting than she expected. It certainly beats the routine of working extra shifts at Johnson’s Bookstore. 
A few weeks before her college life begins, Lily needs to figure out if she’s wrong about the past or if she should continue to protect her heart at all costs. 

Sometimes moving forward is only possible if you have the right people by your side.

FYI: some of the links above are kind of useless right now because the novellas are currently in the process of being re-published by the author.

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It Started With Goodbye Holiday Gift Ideas | Debut Authors Bash (+ Giveaway!)

2017 Debut Authors Bash Banner

Good morning, everyone! I am so excited about today’s post. As part of the Debut Authors Bash being hosted by YA Reads, Christina June and I came up with a really fun post about holiday gifts we would buy based on her debut, It Started With Goodbye. We both had so much fun coming up with ideas for gifts to include. I hope you have just as much fun taking a look at them! But enough of my rambling – let’s get into the gift ideas!

There’s also a giveaway for Christina’s second book, Everywhere You Want to Be, which focuses on one of the secondary characters from her debut, so be sure to scroll all the way through and enter. 🙂

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Review: Ghostland by Colin Dickey

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Published: October 4th, 2016 by Viking | Series: N/A | Length: 320 pages | Genre: nonfiction, history | Source: Borrowed from library | Content Warning: murder, rape, slavery, torture

Amazon | Book Depository | B&N | Goodreads

Summary from Goodreads:

An intellectual feast for fans of offbeat history, Ghostland takes readers on a road trip through some of the country’s most infamously haunted places–and deep into the dark side of our history.

Colin Dickey is on the trail of America’s ghosts. Crammed into old houses and hotels, abandoned prisons and empty hospitals, the spirits that linger continue to capture our collective imagination, but why? His own fascination piqued by a house hunt in Los Angeles that revealed derelict foreclosures and “zombie homes,” Dickey embarks on a journey across the continental United States to decode and unpack the American history repressed in our most famous haunted places. Some have established reputations as “the most haunted mansion in America,” or “the most haunted prison”; others, like the haunted Indian burial grounds in West Virginia, evoke memories from the past our collective nation tries to forget.     
       With boundless curiosity, Dickey conjures the dead by focusing on questions of the living–how do we, the living, deal with stories about ghosts, and how do we inhabit and move through spaces that have been deemed, for whatever reason, haunted? Paying attention not only to the true facts behind a ghost story, but also to the ways in which changes to those facts are made–and why those changes are made–Dickey paints a version of American history left out of the textbooks, one of things left undone, crimes left unsolved. Spellbinding, scary, and wickedly insightful, Ghostland discovers the past we’re most afraid to speak of aloud in the bright light of day is the same past that tends to linger in the ghost stories we whisper in the dark.

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